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The BASIC Mark Gorman Video iPod Collection
Your 80GB Video iPod comes preloaded with all the following

content, so you can start listening as soon as you open the box,

without ever having to connect it to your computer.




You Get All These Great Titles!:

Business Success - Motivational Speaking:
    Becoming a Leader - Business Success Series #2 (Audio MP3)
        The Challenge to Lead
        The Power to Choose
        Conquer Complacency
        Your Focus is Your Future
Other Business titles include:
    Don't Let Anything Steal Your Dreams ("Act Like Your Dream") (Video MP4)
    Don't Let Anything Steal Your Dreams ("Act Like Your Dream") (Audio MP3)
    Getting a Message to Garcia (Video MP4)
    Getting a Message to Garcia (Audio MP3)

Louisiana Cajun Humor - Stand Up Comedy:
    Louisiana Cajun Humor Volume 1 (Audio MP3)

        Good News & Bad News
        Sign Language
        Job Huntin Up North
        Winnin In Las Vegas
        The Ventriloquist
        Boudreaux the Liar
        Coon Huntin
        Hazardous Drivin
        Judo & Karate
        Boudreaux Plays Golf
        Pierre the Paratrooper
        Boudreaux Meets the President
        Three Brothers
        Panama City Vacation
        Boudreaux the Babysitter
        Donít Step on the Ducks
    Louisiana Cajun Humor Volume 1 Live Stand Up (Video MP4)

        Donít Step on the Ducks
        The Cat
        The Talking Dog
        Boudreaux the Liar
        Bird Dog
        Phydeaux Goes Duck Huntin
        Atheist and the Bear
        Mark This Spot
        Ice Fishing
        Sound Like a Frog
        Pet Fish
        The Car
        Donkey Raffle
        Boudreaux Meets the President
        Boudreaux Goes to New York
        Boudreaux Learns French
        The Ventriloquist
        Winnin In Las Vegas
        Boudreaux Goes on a Cruise
        The Skunk


Music Albums:
    Christmas Everyday (Audio MP3)
O Holy Night
        Angels We Have Heard on High
        Christmas Everyday
        Fairest Lord Jesus
        Silent Night
        Away in a Manger
        It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
        Christmas Praise
        O Come All Ye Faithful
        Take Us Home for Christmas
    Heíll Find A Way (Audio MP3)

        Heíll Find A Way


        Father Make Us One

        It Is Well With My Soul

        Heíll Do It Again

        Daystar Shine Down On Me

        Amazing Grace

        Donít Give Up

        His Eye Is On The Sparrow

        I Will Be Glad

    Reach For Your Dreams (Audio MP3)
        I Can Do Anything
        When You Put Your Heart In It
        Back On My Feet Again
        I Believe
        Hold On
        Power of the Dream
        Wind Beneath My Wings
        Eye of the Tiger

    Music to Pray By (Audio MP3)

Ministry Teaching Titles:
    Spiritual Warfare:
        The 3 Kings: Authority for Warfare (Audio MP3)

                Authority for Warfare Ė The Difference Between Power and Authority
                Forgiveness Ė Godís Law of Agreement
        The 3 Heavens (Audio MP3)

                Spiritual Warfare in the Heavens
                The Weapon of Praise
                A Pattern for Warfare Prayer
        Pulling Down Strongholds (Audio MP3)

               Why the Resurrection
               Control Your Desires, or They Will Control You
               An In-depth Study of Strongholds
        Taking the Promised Land (Audio MP3)

                Donít Be Afraid of Your Enemies
                Leave No Survivors
                Cutting Trees & Building Bulwarks

  Spiritual Growth:
        Knowing God's Will (Audio MP3)

                Why Should I Want Godís Will? Ė The 3 Elements to Every Decision
                How to Hear Godís Voice Ė God is Speaking to You Now
                Learning to Hear in Your Spirit
        Inside Out Christians (Audio MP3)

                Inside Out Christians Pt 1
                Inside Out Christians Pt 2
                Inside Out Power
        Rest, Hope & Mercy (Audio MP3)

                John the Baptistís Most Amazing Question and Jesusí Response Pt 1
                John the Baptistís Most Amazing Question and Jesusí Response Pt 2
        Loyalty (Audio MP3)

                The Greatest Character Trait

                The Power of Loyalty
        The Ultimate Paradigm Shift (Audio MP3)

        Failure Isn't Final (Audio MP3)

                Restoration not Demolition
                How to Make a Comeback
        The Attitude of Huge (Audio MP3)

                The Attitude of Huge
                Stop Thinking Like Dirt
                Living Beyond Your Name
        Winners Never Quit (Audio MP3)

                The Devil Learned from Gideon
                Count It All Joy
                The Cave & The Crown
        Don't Water the Trees (Audio MP3)

                The Palm
                The Cedar

        Winning Your Family to God (Audio MP3)

                Believing for Family Salvation
                Digging Wells for Your Children
                A Message to Fathers
        Building Strong Families (Audio MP3)

                Building a Healthy Marriage
                Raising Positive Kids Pt 1
                Raising Positive Kids Pt 2

        God's Plan for Prosperity (Audio MP3)

                Planting for a Harvest
                Own Your Harvest
                Christians & Prosperity
        The 4 Types of Giving (Audio MP3)

                Tithe & Firstfruits
                Alms & Seed
    Marketplace Ministry Titles:
        Marketplace Ministry Paradigms (Audio MP3)

                Marketplace Ministry Paradigms Pt 1
                Marketplace Ministry Paradigms Pt 2
        Ministering in the Marketplace (Audio MP3)

                Ministering in the Marketplace Pt 1
                Ministering in the Marketplace Pt 2
        Preparing for Marketplace Ministry (Audio MP3)

    Vision Brings Restraint (Audio MP3)
    You Have A Destiny (Audio MP3)

Gumbo for the Soul:
Gumbo For The Soul, a sampling of the very best of Mark Gorman, including excerpts from nearly every title in Mark's vast collection. (Audio MP3)

MP3 of the Month:
A 6-month Subscription to Mp3 of the Month (Audio MP3)
Each month - for six months, you will receive a brand new monthly audio presentation in MP3 format and a ministry update letter by Mark's wife, Gina!

(If purchased separately, Audio CDs & DVDs & iPod would cost $1,654.00)

You Save: $1,056.00
Your Cost:$598.00


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