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To communicate the gospel message to the unreached in a clear and effective manner, bringing them face to face with the love of Christ.

To educate believers in regard to spiritual warfare, teaching them to put on the whole armor of God by submitting themselves to God, and to recognize, attack and conquer the works of the devil in their own lives and the lives of others.

To challenge believers to strive for success and excellence in every area of life, by helping them to recognize their destiny in Christ, teaching them to dream big, aim high, and to focus on God's best for their future.

To build faith in the Christian believer, helping them to experience new heights in the walk of faith.

To reach the lost around the world by supporting the ongoing work of missions outreach by others, and to travel to those countries, preaching the salvation message to the lost, and ministering to pastors and leaders.

To use television, radio, tapes, CD's, books, the internet, and any other media available to spread the message of Christ to the world.

To teach the importance of accountability and relationship-based ministry, and to establish relationship with pastors and church leaders as a basis for integrity and accountability in ministry.

To help, heal and restore those whose lives have been devastated by sin, particularly those in leadership and ministry, and to help establish accountability in their lives, enabling them to regain their integrity in Christ.



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