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FREE TELECLASSES Every Tuesday- "Mark" the Day

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Now for This Week’s Teaching from Mark…

"Follow The Leader"

Life is a giant game of "Follow the Leader."

In this game, many people believe that, "to be a leader is to have a title." We become obsessed with gaining titles, and increasing our leadership sphere. Unfortunately, the bond between leadership and a name tag that says "Leader" is weaker than most know. You see, people don't follow titles. People follow what inspires them. The tell-tale sign of a leader is not a title, but a lifestyle that inspires others to follow.

When I think of true, inspirational leadership, I think of William Wallace, the main character in Mel Gibson's movie, "Braveheart." In the movie, Wallace is a simple man, with simple ambitions. He was not born into the aristocracy. He was not wealthy or famous. He was not uniquely gifted or talented. He was just like his fellow countrymen in every way, except for one important distinction. William Wallace came to a moment of decision in his life, where he had to choose between what he believed to be right, and what he knew to be safe. It was this decision, away from comfort and towards conviction, which separated him forever from a life of mediocrity.

You see, most people's greatest passion in life is comfort and convenience.

But this is not the character that inspires men to greatness.

William Wallace held no position in his country's aristocracy, and yet an entire nation followed him. Why? Because when his countrymen looked at the aristocracy, they saw men of comfort and convenience. But when they looked at Wallace, they saw a man of passion. They saw someone who stood for something, and it reminded them that they, too, had something worth standing for. He inspired them to follow.

Your effectiveness as a leader has nothing to do with your title, but with the amount of influence you carry with those around you. John Maxwell says it this way, "Leadership is influence. Nothing more. Nothing less." When people see that you believe deeply, they will want to follow you, because passion influences those who are near it.

Are there men and women in your life who inspire you to be a better person?

Are there people who would say that you inspire them to be better?

People won't "follow the leader" just because of a title, so don't waste anymore time striving for such things. Instead, devote yourself fully to being a person of passion, and others will naturally begin to follow. In the words of John Wesley, "light yourself on fire, and people will come from miles around to watch you burn."

(This devotional is excerpted from Mark's talk entitled, "Becoming A Leader." If you would like to learn more about this or other titles Mark has to offer, visit us at MarkGorman.com)

Mark Gorman © 2009
This article may not be reprinted without the written permission of its author, Mark Gorman.
For permission to reprint, or for more information about books and recordings by Mark Gorman, visit
www.markgorman.com or write to info@markgorman.com.

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Streaming Teleclasses 24/7

Mark's Teleclasses are on the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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Testimonial from God's Plan for Prosperity

My breakthrough began over 3 years ago. The Holy Spirit confirmed in my heart that I needed to sow a $1000 seed. In spite of my circumstances, I wrote the check that night and watched as miracle after miracle began happening in my life. I sowed another $1000 into my church a year later and the third $1000 into Mark Ministries, Inc. Within 30 days after the third seed, I had a prospect for the building and within 90 days, I sold the building for $300,000. A one hundred-fold return! I am still rejoicing and I know there’s more to come.



Visit https://www.markgorman.com/store

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Strategic Partners

Our Strategic Partners, are those who sow at least $1,000 per year into the ministry. Mark will commit to pray daily, for one year, over three areas of their lives:

Household salvation
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In addition to Mark praying for you daily, you will also receive your choice of:

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Those who sow a one-time seed of $1,000, receive 2 Bibles.

To become a Strategic Partner, call our Nashville office during office hours, Monday-Friday at (615) 591-5900, or visit our secure online store at www.markgorman.com.

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