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Now for This Week’s Teaching from Mark…

The Secret of Success

Every person knows what it is like to be disappointed or let down. We have all, at one time or another, been deeply hurt by wounds inflicted by a close friend or loved one. For some, the past can be a painful thing to look back on.

Unfortunately, our past very seldom stays in “the past.”

It's true.

Take a second and look back on some of the past decisions and choices you have made. Now look at where you are today and where you feel that you are headed tomorrow, and you may find that your past has much more control over your present and future than you may have at first realized.

But what are we to do when our past has been earmarked with disappointment and regret? How do we keep old wounds from infecting our future?

We must let go of the wounds in our past.

Philippians 3:13-14 (KJV): 13 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, 14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Some of us have huge problems with forgetting, because they were wrong, or they shouldn't have done what they did. They made promises that they didn't keep. How can you be expected to forget something like that?

Well, let me ask you this: Is your future more exciting than your past?

Consider this scenario: You just won a cruise for you and your wife. Not only did you win a free cruise, but you have also been promised a new car after completing the cruise! So off you go in a rush to the airport to catch your flight, driving your Pinto, when the unexpected happens. As you stop at a red light, a less-than-careful driver rear ends you. Fortunately you and your wife are uninjured, and the damage to your Pinto is minimal, although one of the tail lights has been busted. Now, do you stick around so you can fill out the paperwork so you can get your tail light fixed? No! You're about to win a new car after enjoying a free cruise!

Many people are missing the boat because they are busy filling out paperwork on past offenses. Believe me; your future is more exciting than your past.

I've also found that you can tell how big a person's dream is by watching what gets them upset. People with small or nonexistent dreams can fly off the handle at the drop of a hat. These people find themselves well suited to pursue any offense or wrong until its long and miserable conclusion.

And why not, there's nothing else to do, right?

Then there are people with dreams up to the sky, and these people are hard to slow down. They are streamlined and intentional, not allowing petty arguments or criticisms to hinder their progress towards an eventual goal or prize. I say all this to say, if you want to know how big your dream is, start to pay attention to what gets you upset in life, and you will have a good idea.

Get excited about your future!

Get so on fire about where you're headed that you cease to have time to hold grudges.

Why are you fighting tooth and nail over a tail light when there is a new car in your future? Follow Paul's guideline for reaching your dreams. Forget, reach, and press.

You can do it!

Mark Gorman © 2009
(This devotional is excerpted from the recording by Mark Gorman titled, "The Secret of Success" which is part of the Business Success audio series titled, "Win". It can be ordered in our online store at

This article may not be reprinted without the written permission of its author, Mark Gorman.
For permission to reprint, or for more information about books and recordings by Mark Gorman, visit or write to

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