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Spiritual Warfare Bundles


Spiritual Warfare Bundle #1
Click title or see below to hear samples

Bundle includes the following CDs or MP3s:

The Three Heavens - 3 CD set
Pulling Down Strongholds - 3 CD set
The Three Kings: Authority For Warfare - 2 CD set

CD Set
Regularly $120.00
Promotional Price $57.00
Save $63.00

MP3 Set
Regularly $40.00
Only $33.00!!

Spiritual Warfare Bundle #2

Click title or see below to hear samples

Bundle includes the following CDs or MP3s:

The Whole Armor of God - 6 CD set

Attitudes for Warfare - 2 CD set

The Three Heavens - 3 CD set
Pulling Down Strongholds - 3 CD set
The Three Kings: Authority For Warfare - 2 CD set

The Glory of God - 2 CD set

Taking the Promised Land - 3 CD set


And as your gift - You'll receive FREE:

1) CD or MP3 of Gumbo for the Soul - 4 CD set

2) Book or EBook of God's Plan for Prosperity

CD/Book Set
Regularly $395.00
Promotional Price $156.00
Save $239.00

MP3/E-book Set
Regularly $140.00
Only $97!!


The Three Kings: Authority for Warfare by Mark Gorman

Authority for Warfare – The Difference Between Power and Authority
Forgiveness – God’s Law of Agreement

#1 There is a great difference between power and authority. The average Christian doesn't understand the difference. Authority is the right to use power. We only have access to authority when we are under that authority. James said that we could only resist the devil after we had submitted ourselves to God. Until we are submitted to God, we don't have His authority flowing through us. If you have tried to resist Satan in an area of your life unsuccessfully, it is probably because you are not submitted in that area. You can experience consistent financial blessing by using these principles. But the good news is that they will not only work in the area of finances, but in any area of your life.

#2 Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things to do, but one of the most effective keys to authority in warfare. In the second recording of this series, Mark shares how he learned the importance of forgiveness as a result of the most painful crisis he ever faced. You don't have to trust someone in order to forgive them. You only need to forgive them to maintain authority in warfare.

Pulling Down Strongholds by Mark Gorman

Why the Resurrection
Control Your Desires, or They Will Control You
An In-depth Study of Strongholds

The word stronghold speaks of rebellion. By definition, a stronghold is an area or territory which refuses to submit. In 2 Corinthians 10, Paul tells us that we pull down strongholds by using 3 different thought processes. Strongholds are built in the mind. But is it possible for a Christian to have a stronghold? ... an area of rebellion? This is an area of great controversy in the church today. Paul was speaking to Christians when he told us to pull down strongholds by changing the way we think. James tells Christians to submit to God, which means that it is possible to be saved, and not submitted. There is a great difference between accepting Jesus as Savior and making Him Lord of your life. When He is Lord, He "calls the shots" - He is the king - He has the only vote. When we vote in any area of our lives, we establish ourselves as king of that area, and remove it from the covering of God's authority. We literally establish a stronghold there.

Notice that when Paul told us to pull down these thought strongholds, he said in the next verse that we would only be prepared to attack Satan (revenge disobedience) when our obedience had been fulfilled. He was not only telling Christians that their obedience isn't yet fulfilled, he was also telling us that until we remove the strongholds from our thought lives, we aren't prepared to do warfare. Unfortunately, many Christians have become so excited about spiritual warfare, they have jumped into the attack mode before making sure that they have removed strongholds from their life. By so doing, they have set themselves up for Satanic attack. As you listen to the powerful messages in this set, you will definitely be challenged to take a second look at your thought life. The first step in warfare should be preparation!

The Three Heavens by Mark Gorman

Spiritual Warfare in the Heavens
The Weapon of Praise
A Pattern for Warfare Prayer

What is the real source of your problems? In Hebrews 11:3 we are told that everything we see in the physical realm is caused by the spiritual realm. Ephesians 6 tells us that our battle is not with flesh & blood (physical realm), but with principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high places (spiritual realm). The phrase high places, in the original Greek, means heavenly places. This means that there is spiritual wickedness in heavenly places. Obviously spiritual wickedness doesn't dwell in God's heaven, but it is in a heaven. In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul speaks of the third heaven, and says that it is paradise. This is the heaven where God is, but who inhabits the first and second heavens? Spiritual warfare begins with an understanding of the 3 heavens.

#1 Mark teaches the purpose of spiritual warfare, as he explains the 3 heavens, and gives scriptural references for each heaven. If you have ever had an unanswered prayer, this message will explain what causes this problem, and how spiritual warfare can bring the answers to your prayers.

#2 we learn about the Weapon Of Praise. Before Satan was banished from God's heaven, he was an angel of praise and worship. Now, God has determined that our first weapon in warfare is the same praise that Satan once offered up to God. Through praise, you can literally break through Satan's territory.

#3 Mark shows how we can use The Lord's Prayer as a pattern for warfare. One of the questions asked most about spiritual warfare is, "How can I do spiritual warfare, and what do I do first, second, etc.?" This message teaches you to use the most well known prayer in the Bible as a guide in spiritual warfare. It begins with praise, "Hallowed be Thy Name" and continues with submission, "Thy kingdom come," before leading us into full-fledged warfare with the enemy. You will find this teaching invaluable in your times of daily prayer.

The Whole Armor of God by Mark Gorman

Having Your Loins Girt with Truth
The Breastplate of Righteousness
Feet Shod with Preparation
The Shield of Faith
The Helmet of Salvation
The Sword of the Spirit

Today, around the world, there is a new excitement about spiritual warfare. Christians are learning to fight Satan in behalf of their families, their health, their finances, their churches, cities and nations. But before going into warfare, we must first be prepared to face a formidable opponent who is capable of "devouring" those who challenge him. Remember, you never have been, and never will be stronger than Satan. The only reason you can even face him in warfare is because of Jesus. We know this in theory, but in reality, we often assume a safety that isn't there, because we don't have on the whole armor of God. Too many Christians assume that because they are saved, they automatically have on the Whole Armor Of God. But if you stop to think about it, why would God have told us to put on something that we are already fitted with? Obviously, it is possible to be saved without having on the Whole Armor Of God. The way to put on the armor is to submit that area of your life to God. When you exercise your option to "vote" in any area of your life, you take the kingship away from God, and make yourself king of that area. If you want His protection (armor), you must submit to Him and let Him be the king.

Attitudes for Warfare by Mark Gorman

Esther's Greatest Test
The Attitude of a Warrior

The story of Esther reads almost like a fairy tale. A beautiful, orphan slave girl becomes queen, and ultimately saves an entire nation from death. It involves political corruption, deceit, intrigue, and suspense. Mark's wife, Gina says that this is one of her favorite messages he has ever preached. Esther comes face to face with a dilemma which will confront every Christian; to whom should I be loyal? It is entirely possible that, in trying to save herself, she could contribute to the annihilation of Israel.

The words spoken to her still ring true today, "If you don't do the right thing, God will raise up another. But you have come to the kingdom for this moment. What will you do?" *** Paul told Timothy to be a good soldier, and to not allow himself to be distracted from warfare. He said that little, insignificant problems would try to divert his attention from the most important thing - winning the battle. The best way to know if a Christian is a warrior, is to find out what they are preoccupied with. If they are always whining about the little frustrations of life, then they are not a warrior.

The Glory of God by Mark Gorman

The Loss and Restoration of the Glory of God
The Power of God's Glory

What is the glory of God? It is the manifestation of His presence. It is our only source of victory. God does not need weapons for Himself. His glory defeats all of His enemies. At one time, God's glory covered the whole earth. Now, the earth is separated from His glory. Why? What happened? Why is there famine, poverty, disease, war, earthquakes? We need His glory! God is a king, and a king lives only in His kingdom. If I want victory in my life, I need to make Him king of every part of my life. In this teaching series, we learn about God's glory from the examples given us by the nation of Israel. Remember, whoever is king is responsible for protecting the kingdom. Who is king in your life?

Taking the Promised Land by Mark Gorman

Don't Be Afraid of your Enemies
Leave No Survivors
Cutting Trees & Building Bulwarks

All three of the messages in this series were taken from Deuteronomy chapter 20. When the nation of Israel was going in to take possession of the "promised land", the Lord gave them 3 instructions for the warfare that they would face.

1. "Don't Be Afraid Of Your Enemies" Fear is one of Satan's greatest weapons against the Christian warrior. If he can fill you with fear, you won't fight back. God has given Mark some unique insights into fear and how it works. He learned much of this while praying for his own son, Kenneth to overcome fear. Mark taught Kenneth how to do warfare against fear at the age of 5. You too can learn how to overcome fear in this message.

2. "Leave No Survivors" In warfare, there is a tendency to "quit before the job is finished". If you leave any survivors, they will grow up to teach you their ways. Remember, spiritual warfare is more important than life and death. This is for eternity. Don't take any chances. Leave no survivors.

3. "Cutting Trees & Building Bulwarks" God said that if a tree bears fruit, let it grow. But if a tree does not bear fruit, cut it down and use it to build a bulwark (defense) against your enemies. If parts of your life are bearing fruit, leave them alone. Find the areas of your life which don't produce fruit and let God turn them into bulwarks. Your areas of greatest weakness can become your areas of greatest strength. This message is probably the most powerful of the 3. Mark ends the message by telling how Jesus was crucified on a tree that didn't bear fruit. Jesus said, "humanity needs a defense against the enemy - a bulwark. Cut down a tree that doesn't bear fruit, and nail me to it, and I'll make it a bulwark for Christians for all time." And today we can hide in the "Old Rugged Cross". The instructions God gave to Israel for warfare are still relevant to us today. They will help you be more victorious in your daily walk, and in warfare.

Gumbo for the Soul

FREE with purchase of Bundle #2

"The absolute best of Mark Gorman.
A 4 CD collection with excerpts from more than 50 of Mark's recordings!

Press PLAY to hear a samples from Gumbo for the Soul  

God's Plan for Prosperity

FREE with purchase of Bundle #2

How much money should you have?
Is money evil?
What does God think of prosperity?
Does God have a plan for making me prosperous?

Mark Gorman answers these and other questions, with fresh insights in "God's Plan For Prosperity".

Prosperity is one of the most controversial topics in Christianity today.  For years, many Christian leaders have denounced prosperity as evil.  In recent times, others have touted it as the ultimate measure of one's spirituality.  In this book, Mark uses simple, logical illustrations to pain a picture of God's opinion on wealth, and how much of it we should possess. As you read "God's Plan for Prosperity", you will be gripped by stirring accounts of those who use the principles Mark teaches to prove God's promises in regard to abundant provision.  Mark takes a highly debated subject and simplifies it while giving scriptural foundation for each principle he teaches in this easy-to-read book.




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